"I have the great pleasure of owning one of Stephanie's custom, one of a kind necklaces. People literally stop me to ask about the piece every time I wear it.  
It is so meticulously crafted, yet feminine. It is truly one of my favorite jewelry pieces. Stephanie's love for great design and desire to create and produce art is
at her very core."                                    

                                                   - Kathy Taylor Myles -

Owner, Magnolia & Lace Boutique  /  Eufala, AL



“I have a great love and appreciation for fine art. That is why I have been a passionate collector of Stephanie’s jewelry for many years.  She is a true artist who expertly crafts the most stunning works of art. Her style is so unique, modern and elegantly chic. I enjoy wearing her jewelry every day and am consistently complimented. I am extremely impressed with the quality of materials, the care, and exquisite craftsmanship she puts into each piece.”

                                                        - Kathleen Carr -

Art & Music Enthusiast   /   Atlanta, GA.



"Stephanie Edstrom's jewelry is a perfect fit for the Jule Collins Smith Museum Shop. 
Her pieces are original, inventive and unique. They represent wearable art and are exciting and fresh.”

                                                       - Christine Meir -  

Museum Shop Manager, Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art,   /   Auburn, Alabama



"As a hairdresser and lover of art, I was immediately captivated by Stephanie's jewelry. Some craftspeople who try for a modern style can appear over done. Because of Stephanie's art and graphic design background, her jewelry  has an architectural quality that lends each piece to feel complete and in so doing, stand on its own. And because of that,  these pieces  easily transition from daywear to evening wear due to their casual elegance and unique form." 

                                                   - Debora Hornbuckle -  

Owner, OTP Salon   /   Atlanta, Georgia