Marquise Burst Necklace

Marquise Burst Necklace


Sterling Silver Marquise Burst Pendant Necklace

Burst measures approximately 1.5" in length
and is set on a delicate Sterling Silver chain

Chain Length:
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Handcrafted & cast once ordered. 
These striking Sterling Silver Bursts are made to order, the complete process from the time you order through to delivery can take approximately 2-3 weeks, if not in stock. Please consider time frame and email us with any questions! 

Each Burst is designed by hand in wax, based on a pattern. Therefore each piece may differ slightly from the next.

The Burst Collection
was created in 2004, soon after I discovered jewelry design using wax. I was completely drawn to the vast capabilities of designing and creating jewelry in wax. Each Burst piece is based on a unique design. The individual wax models are created by hand, they are then cast, finished and become one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry! Every Burst that is crafted, may vary the slightest bit from the next . . . truly, one-of-a-kind.