I grew up with creative hands, always drawing funky little doodles or sketching a still life; paints and canvas, crafts and photos, they all became my playground. Composition was second nature for me, effortless, like my expressive style. In 2002, I discovered a deep appreciation for jewelry making. Creating ornaments from precious metals is an apt metaphor to describe my passion for finding beauty and transformation everywhere. My love for design, composition, crafting, creating and sharing resounded with techniques using natural elements and found forms. All this seemed to harmonize with carved wax molds, molten metals and man made materials; I knew  I’d found my calling! Designing and creating jewelry incorporates my talents, rings true to my passion and brings forward the beauty I feel is in everything...
and everyone.


My father, my greatest influence, has always been a practical artist. I grew up surrounded by his gifts for architecture, engineering, teaching and building. He designed and constructed the house in which I was raised, in Atlanta. I have always admired him and appreciated his work.  Early-on, he recognized something special in me and became a creative champion in my life, encouraging my development as an artist and as a person. We visited museums together, discussed architecture, and had wonderful conversations, sharing the feelings art elicits, sharing an appreciation for beautiful things. He encouraged me to broaden my horizons, develop new skills, refine my talents and continue formal schooling with art classes. I studied among other things, Photography, at the Atlanta College of Art. My father’s example, guidance, and craftsmanship combined with my natural inclinations to foster a deep appreciation for aesthetics and the processes of creativity. My father’s tutelage nurtured my love for art and sculpture; he very wisely supported my dreams.


At college, I decided on a Fine Arts Major. This plunged me in-depth into many forms of media that I hadn’t fully explored. One particular sculpture class involved welding and bronze casting. I was fascinated by the techniques used to tame the materials - these quickly became my favorite sculpting methods. I took more photography classes and rediscovered my love for developing and modifying images in the dark room.  I found the Fine Arts Major comprehensive and integral, allowing my creativity to wander freely through different media. While I was learning Art History, participating in drawing classes, and mastering the subtleties of form and composition I was also growing in the creative process and its eventual refinement to Gallery Presentation. Learning many disciplines gave me a well-rounded education which, in-turn, opened up new sensational possibilities. And yet, there was one jewelry class that I really enjoyed in particular. That joy still resonates in me today. But like every artist, I had to struggle first.


Once again I have to thank my father for his guidance. He thought I should have an excellent education, as well as the ability to support myself as a starving artist! I graduated from Flagler College in 1998 with a Fine Art major, concentration in Photography, and a minor in Graphic Design. I then worked for a few years as a Graphic Designer in advertising. My husband and I moved to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 2001 where I began taking jewelry studio classes at The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach. For the next couple of years, I participated in various jewelry workshops and pursued many diverse classes offered at TAAC. I excelled in fabrication skills and design style, receiving acclaim from my peers and instructors. There was no doubt that this art form afforded me a confidence and creative sense of freedom in which I could fully express myself. I was transformed in this freedom! I had several break-thrus as a true artist, and felt “completion” in my heart. Designing and creating is life-affirming for me; my creations are an expression to define who I am to others. Making jewelry became a profound personal journey. In the past I had difficulty identifying with retail jewelry on a personal level and ended up purchasing whatever was available. But now here I am! ...a jewelry designer, expressing love and transformation through the talent and beauty each of us has; the passion, creativity and joy that inspires us to be unique. I enjoy wearing my own creations and I’m inspired to create jewelry that women can connect with, personally.